It is Australian law for all fire fighting equipment to be regularly maintained. Our fire safety experts can service these for you and schedule further routine maintenance on the spot with the efficiency of our Firemate system.

A Qld Government Fire Maintenance Toolkit can be accessed here, where you will find further links to what best suits your situation.

Australian Standard 1851-2012

"Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment"

Upon inspection from fire safety inspection authorities, records of maintenance should be able to be presented.

1m 3m 6m 12m 3y 5y+
Structural Features
Access Panel Through Fire Rated Construction Y Y
Penetration Through Fire Rated Construction Y Y
Fire Dampers Y Y
Fire Shutters Y Y
Fire Doors Y Y
Fire Windows Y Y
Fire Curtains Y Y
Structural Fire Protection Y Y
Systems Required to Have a Fire Resistance Level Y Y
Fire Control Centres* Y
Fire Protection Systems
Sprinklers* Y Y Y 5y
Special Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
Deluge* Y Y 5y
Gaseous Extinguishing systems including co2* Y Y Y 10y
Dry Chemical* Y Y Y 10y
Wet Chemical* Y Y Y 10y
Foam* Y Y Y 10y
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems* Y Y Y 5y
Stairwell Pressurisation* Y Y 5y
Air Handling System* Y Y
Smoke & Heat Venting Systems* Y Y 5y
Smoke Exhaust Systems* Y Y 5y
Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Mains* Y Y
Fire Hydrants* (including internal & external hydrants boosters connection/s water storage tanks) Y Y 5y
Fire Pumpsets* Y Y Y 5y
Fire Hose Reels Y Y
Fire Extinguishers (Portable) Y Y 5y
Occupant Safety Features
Emergency Warning & intercommunication systems* Y Y 5y
Door Hardware (Non-fire rated doors) Y Y
Emergency Lighting Y Y
Exit Signs Y Y
Emergency Lifts (correct operation of lifts & controls)
Emergency Power Supply
Fire Doors & Door Sets (Hinges, Levers, etc) Y Y
Smoke Doors Y Y

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