Electronic Accountability

At Olympic Fire, we believe that customer service is paramount to running a successful business; we understand that you would prefer to deal with a company that is efficient, proactive, on time and professional.

With FireMate, our new electronic accountability software, we have the ability to completely control our administration whilst out on site, this means that we can identify risk, note down any asset damage and report job completion whilst out on site. This coupled with our state of the art training system, means that we are leaders in our field.

This software allows us take control of compliance issues and provide unrivaled customer service levels by using the latest in computer technology to automate our workflow from order to invoice. This integration has totally streamlined our operation.

The new system has allowed us to log all aspects of each job as they happen, we can even take photos and upload them to the web-based programme. We can list all of your fire equipment assets and schedule routine maintenance appointments on the spot with you. Our system even self generates our reports and invoices.

We have improved our business performance by:

  • Automating compliance
  • Generating and receiving regular accurate reports
  • Improving our customer service level
  • Streamlining our administration
  • Managing our clients efficiently

Using the most appropriate software allows us to quite simply take control, providing you with the best solution, and for no more money, our fees have not changed – but our service levels have, they’ve improved.

We can now automate our contact with you and your building maintenance manager, so not only do we not have to consult a calendar or diary every time we need to schedule work, but nor do you as our system will send out timely reminders that maintenance is due.

This also means our quotes are generated quickly, and that all of our administration is centralised. It’s our assurance to you that we are totally customer focused, so much so we have heavily invested in bridging the gap between service provider and client.

Because of our software choice to use FireMate you’ll find dealing with Olympic Fire a breeze, this level of customer service has now set a new benchmark within our indusrty, and our “no mess” training system allows us to train anywhere.

Please Contact us at Olympic Fire so we can arrange a visit to your site, perform an evaluation of premises, offer advise on findings, prepare and provide you a strategy moving forward. It would be our privilege.