About Us

Our Team

Rob and Michelle Coupe have been operating Olympic Fire Services since 2000 and have a team of fire protection specialists backing their knowledge and expertise in fire protection products and services. Olympic Fire Services has a diverse customer base, but in particular, supplying and servicing clients in the Body Corporate Property Management, the Commercial/Hospitality business arena and with Industrial Workplace environments. Olympic Fire regularly service clients as far North as the Sunshine Coast, as far South as the Gold Coast/Tweed and as far West as Toowoomba (at present- but very happy to field enquiries outside of these regions).

Rob and Michelle, in everything they do, operate with the utmost business and personal standards of honesty and integrity. Through leadership, they encourage and insist these values are upheld with all Olympic Fire employees and suppliers. They believe, that if asked, their customers will attest to these attributes with each dealing and every communication they would have experienced from Olympic Fire Services.

Our Values

Mission Statement:

Olympic Fire Services is a professional fire protection company, a small business with friendly, reliable staff and a rewarding place for our employees to work. Olympic Fire make sure that our customers have what they need to make their businesses compliant when it comes to portable fire fighting equipment. A company dedicated to assisting other companies to protect their assets from fire, setting your business up so that everyone can work in a safe environment. We promise maximum efficiency, reliability and outstanding personalised service, giving our customers the assurance that we will be there when they need us.

Core Values:

More than just a set of words, our values embody the spirit of Olympic Fire Services. They reflect the energy of a company that wants to make a positive mark on the fire industry. And they articulate a code of behaviour that guides us through that challenge with integrity.
The words reflected here represent our values. They are a set of guidelines adhered to by the staff of our company which direct us on the path by which we want to work.

Honesty and Ethics

We uphold the highest ethical standards and treat our customers and each other fairly and honestly. We take our commitments seriously and do what we say we are going to do. Without this, nothing else matters, because people want to do business with those they trust.


If we say that we will be there we will definitely be there.


Our staff will demonstrate a sincere interest in, and respect, for clients' business affairs and a desire to help them.


As the experts in the field of fire safety installation maintenance, we will communicate the unknown and misunderstood to our customers. We communicate openly and frequently and seek to help resolve issues quickly.


We strive to continually set the standard for excellence in everything we do. We take all matters relating to our customers seriously, and act with a sense of urgency to be responsive to them. We shall project a professional image through professional personal presentation and conduct.


We look for new opportunities and welcome challenges because they bring out the best in our abilities and provide meaningful professional growth.

Our Certifications

Our Company is a certified practitioner with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, with licensed technicians (QBCC License no: 1008288), for your peace of mind and to satisfy yourself, please feel free to check out our certification with the QBCC here. Once at the QBCC site, go to license search, enter our license number and your search results will appear.

Olympic Fire have within their team, licenced Electricians operating under; Electrical Contractors Licence No: 73031.

Olympic fire are also a proud member of the Fire Protection Association Australia. To find out more about the FPAA please find them at www.fpaa.com.au.

Our System

Electronic Accountability

At Olympic Fire, we have invested in a specialised electronic administration system, Firemate, to ensure our highest standard of customer and ensure that you are working with a company that is efficient, proactive, on time and professional.

With our new electronic accountability software, we have the ability to completely control our administration whilst out on site, this means that we can identify risk, note down any asset damage and report job completion whilst out on site.

By investing in strategic software and controls, this has allowed us to master all compliance issues and provide unrivalled customers service levels by using the latest in systems technology to automate our workflow from order to invoice. This implementation has totally streamlined our operation.

This new software system allows us to log all aspects of each job as they happen, we can even take photos and upload them to the web-based programme. We can list all of your fire equipment assets and schedule routine maintenance appointments on the spot with you. Our system even self generates our reports and invoices.

Olympic Fires' business offering has improved by:

  • Automating compliance
  • Generating and receiving regular accurate reports
  • Improving our customer service level
  • Streamlining our administration
  • Managing our clients efficiently

This new process allows us to quite simply take control, providing you with the best solution, and for no more money, our fees have not changed – but our service levels have, they’ve improved.

We can now automate our contact with you and your building maintenance manager, so not only do we not have to consult a calendar or diary every time we need to schedule work, but nor do you as our system will send out timely reminders that maintenance is due.

Having the best available program means our quotes are generated quickly, and that all of our administration is centralised. It’s our assurance to you that we are totally customer focused, so much so we have heavily invested in bridging the gap between service provider and client.

Because we use FireMate and our Bullseye ITS training system you’ll find dealing with Olympic Fire a breeze, our customer service is now even better than before, and our “no mess” training system allows us to train anywhere.

Please feel without obligation in contacting us at Olympic Fire to discuss your requirements and needs. We are more than happy to be of service in getting you compliant and in a position of protecting your property and it's occupants. Phone 3390 8337.